Your stay in France, now easy and enjoyable!

If you are a tourist or businessman, CoBacana will advise, organize and guide your stay in France… And make your simple to extravagant wishes come true.
CoBacana helps and advises you in all necessary commercial and administrative steps needed to organize events, fairs and workshops… with the well-known friendliness of this great and beautiful country.:) :)
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Co.bacana : vous étes entrepreneur français
You are French and want to make business with Brazil?
Vou plan to visit Paris and want to know what the City of Light has to offer? CoBacana will be your personal assistant and/or professional in Portuguese!

More than tourism services, we will provide you an immersion in the French culture with all its precious customs.

Through our personalized consultancy, we will make you discover the traditional and great places of the city (museums, castles, fromages, fashion, business and many others).

We will be your best advisor of the French daily life and help you sort out your dreams and even what you never dreamed of! You will live a unique and unforgettable experience.

Trust us! We will attend to your needs with services of great quality and specially created for you.

Co.bacana : Conciergerie de luxe à Paris
Your luxury concierge services in Paris